Initial Consult

During this consult, which can go up to 2 hours at your discretion, we will talk about your goals (fertility knowledge, preservation or pregnancy) and history.

If this is your starting point, I will walk you through the typical fertility work-up to give you an idea of what to expect at your reproductive endocrinologist’s office. We will cover your personal concerns as well as FAQs I have come across during my years in fertility practice. I will then be able to guide you to the right practice and/or medical doctor.

If you have already received a proposed plan or protocol from your reproductive endocrinologist, we will go over the recommended action(s).

For pregnancy, I help explain the process – everything from the least invasive, such as tracking natural cycles with or without ovulation trigger, to the most invasive, such as IVF with chromosomal testing of embryos. I also cover the use of donor sperm – where to start, how to navigate sperm banks, how to choose and what testing is necessary.

For egg freezing, I address all the hesitations that come with it, particularly the question: Should I freeze my eggs? I get approached about this frequently by women of all ages and from all walks of life and I am happy to walk you through the decision making process.

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