Follow-up Consults

This is for any consult after the initial consult. What is discussed during these sessions is totally up to you. Some common topics include:

Test results

Test results are usually an instant source of panic. Upon receipt of your results, we can review each one in depth to discuss the overall indication and any action necessary. I have learned that a patient’s general understanding of these labs can be immensely inadequate. I am here to quell some of your initial hesitations when receiving a complicated results sheet with medical jargon and ambiguities. This also includes review of semen analysis results as these reports are often minimized unless a male patient sees a urologist.

Procedure overview

There can be a lot of anxiety surrounding the actual procedures themselves, whether it is the least invasive or the most complex. During this consult, we can review trigger medication administration, inseminations (IUI), egg retrievals, embryo transfers, D&Cs, hysteroscopies and any other proposed treatments you have been given by your medical team.

Genetics teaching

During this session, I review the implication of genetic testing prior to conception. We can discuss the results you received, any proposed actions, and the next steps. I also discuss the differences between individual carrier testing for patients and chromosomal testing on embryos for IVF cycles – the latter I will further delve into if that is a part of your treatment.

I’m pregnant, now what?

Congratulations! If you go on to have a successful pregnancy and are now wondering how to proceed, I’m still here for you! Many patients are so focused on the journey to conception that when pregnancy occurs they are blind-sided and have a ton of questions and new anxieties. We can review everything you have to look forward to in this session.

Referrals for your comfort and convenience

I have a long list of “helpers” for extra comfort and convenience alongside your medical care. These services include:

IVF Therapist
Prenatal & perinatal massage therapist
Personal trainers specializing in pre, peri and post natal
Doula and lactation consultant
Baby nurse

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