Pregnant & Bleeding

You’re FINALLY pregnant & you see some blood upon wiping after you pee. PANIC ENSUES!!!

But, before you hit the panic button, take note – spotting, bleeding & blood-tinged discharge (all of these can range from light pink to dark brown) are very, very common during early pregnancy & more often than not it’s completely benign. About 25% of pregnant women experience some sort of bleeding in the first half of their pregnancy. Then why is this happening? Aside from the fertility gods toying with your emotions, some common causes are:

Sex (because you hadn’t refrained long enough during your fertility treatment, maybe lay off a little longer, no pun intended!)

Transvaginal ultrasound (catch 22, anyone?)

Hemorrhagic clots that form around the forming fetus (usually resolve on their own)

Cervical polyp (also harmless)

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