Nutrition for Optimal Fertility: Tracy Lockwood Nutrition

Tracy Lockwood – Registered Dietitian

Tracy Lockwood is a registered dietitian in New York City, specializing in women’s health. She received her bachelor’s degree in nutritional science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received her master’s degree in clinical nutrition at New York University. At her private practice, Tracy Lockwood Nutrition, she helps women nutritionally set themselves up for a healthy pregnancy during their pre-conception period. Throughout her career, she has supported women during IUI and IVF treatments and egg transplants and has treated clients with PCOS, pre-diabetes/diabetes, thyroid conditions and irregular menstrual cycles.

By assessing her client’s nutrition intake through dietary recalls, pantry/kitchen assessments and nutrition analysis programs, Tracy figures out what her client’s need in order to fill in their nutritional gaps. Perhaps they need more healthy fats in their diet, such as omega 3s, in order to increase blood flow to their uterus or more whole grain carbohydrates to prevent rapid sugar spikes in their blood. No matter the case, Tracy will give her client’s tips and ideas on how to improve their nutrition intake. Tracy helps her clients stay nutritionally balanced while focusing on the foods to help round out their diets instead of putting restrictions on certain foods.

Tracy is her client’s personal cheerleader throughout their pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy journey. Tracy has spoken on expert panels throughout her career and has provided lectures in schools, hospitals and corporations in New York City. She has been quoted in numerous publications, such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, Well + Good, SoulCycle and Time Health. For more information about Tracy, check out her website & reach out with questions as you begin your fertility journey!


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