Fertile Girl

Not just your average nutrition bar…

Fertile Girl is doing the important work of bringing fertility into the the judgement-free zone

We hear plenty about what to expect when we’re expecting. But what about what to expect when we’re expecting…and expecting…and expecting?

FertileGirl founder Allison and her husband Jonathan think it’s time to start talking. After many rounds of medications, procedures, and negative pregnancy tests, they went back to basics. Allison focused on managing her stress, exercising more, and eating healthier, even making her own snack bars after researching the best nutrients for women trying to conceive. She also stopped shying away from the F word: fertility. Allison shared her story with other women, heard their stories, and along the way, decided to turn her own journey into a company that encourages women to support each other, and to take control of what they can control during the pre-pregnancy period–their nutrition. FertileGirl is committed to real talk, which is why we don’t shy away from telling you what is in our products and more importantly what’s not. They won’t replace prenatal vitamins or your doctor’s advice, but they are formulated with superfoods to give your body extra support. We’re focused on giving you the good stuff–plant-based protein, omega 3s, calcium, and iron while free from gluten, soy, and GMOs.

Allison and Jonathan’s story has a happy ending: they’re now the proud parents of twin boys after a successful round of in-vitro fertilization coupled with her healthy lifestyle choices. The FertileGirl story, however, is just beginning…and you’re a big part of it. Let’s commit to changing the conversation from isolating, confusing and stressful to one that is hopeful, rewarding and empowering.


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